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What does the European Union mean to me? What is its past, present and future? What are the opportunities and threats for the EU? The participants of the international seminar at the European Academy in Otzenhausen tried to find answers to these and many other questions.

The meeting took place on 4-9 December 2017. Our school was represented by a group of 15 students and two teachers - Katarzyna Bojke and Dominika Serowy. In addition, the seminar was attended by students and teachers from schools in Germany and France - Friedrich-Wilhelm-von-Steuben-Gesamtschule in Potsdam and Lycée Jean Macé in Rennes.

This year's main theme of the seminar was the UE crisis during Brexit and the need to find ways to overcome it. The youth worked in international groups and the classes were conducted in the form of games and activities with elements of drama. There was a lot of discussion and presentation as well as independent searching for information. Our students boldly took part in discussions, shared their knowledge about the European Union and presented the results of their group work in public.

An unquestionable attraction was a trip to Strasbourg, where young people and their teachers visited the European Parliament. We were impressed with the city's intimate atmosphere, beautifully decorated houses and fragrant Christmas markets.

Participation in the seminar was an opportunity to make new friends and confront stereotypes about the French and Germans. This experience also showed whether we are ready for intercultural understanding and how much tolerance and openness to others we have.










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Cytat dla Ciebie:
"Nic tak nie przyczynia się do szybkiego sukcesu jak cudze błędy. "
Roger Bacon
English is easy:
"Friendship... is not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything. "
Muhammad Ali
Deutsch macht Spass:
"Nachdem man also die Lehre durch das Wunder bewiesen hat, muss man das Wunder durch die Lehre beweisen. "
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Bien joué!
"Qui chérit a l'exces sait hair a l'exces. "
Latina docet:
Nemo iudex in sua causa – nikt nie jest (nie może być) sędzią we własnej sprawie

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