In this year’s seminar, which was held on 19-24 November 2018, groups of young people from Poland, Germany and France came to meet together to explore and discuss a topic of high socio-political relevance. A group of 17 students from our high school met students from Friedrich-Wilhelm-von-Steuben-Gesamtschule in Potsdam (Germany) and Lycée Jean Macé in Rennes (France). The aim of the youth seminar was to discuss the topic of fake news and how society deals with truth and facts. The theory combined with practice during the workshops and the meeting with the journalist Luxemburger Wort, Christopher Langenbrink, gave the widest possible view on professional journalism, selection of articles and objective analysis of the presented information.

The seminar, moderated by the leader Sophie Rickert and her two assistants, was a mix of workshops, debates, role-plays, simulations, and outdoor activities such as field trips to Schengen Museum, where the students learned the history of the treaty. Another attraction was a trip to Luxembourg. The sightseeing of the city was combined with an urban game, whose aim was to get to know the city. On the way back, during a short stop in Trier, the oldest city in Germany, the participants were impressed by the remains of a Roman city gate, Porta Nigra.

European youth seminar allowed students to develop personal competence, become aware of socially relevant topics, discover new cultures, and strengthen values like solidarity and democracy. During the seminar the students learned how to work in multicultural groups, how to deal with different language levels, cultural and individual backgrounds.