Working in Europe-Europolitan ways into the future [ENG]

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When we first heard about the project Erasmus+, we didn't know what to expect. Now after one week working together with students and teachers from Italy, Spain and Poland we know that taking part was the best decision we have ever made in our life. But what is it about? Erasmus+ gives students from all over Europe the opportunity to meet other students with different cultures and to work together at different projects to achieve multiple skills, such as language skills, communication skills and especially in this project how to apply to international companies. Since September every country worked on different tasks which we shared on the webpage Twinspace, for example how to write a CV in every country or a letter of application. When we met in Germany this week, we put everything together and practiced how to apply together in international groups. To demonstrate that we learned how to apply, Kärcher gave us the opportunity to visit them for one day and to simulate a job interview and an assessment center. Moreover they showed us their company so that we could get an overview of the company. On Thursday after the official Erasmus+ ceremony ten companies from the area around Backnang offered us a job fair so that we could again present ourselves to them and ask questions in order to get to know the companies and their job opportunities. So "Grazie", "Gracias", "Dziękuję","Danke" to all the companies which came and invested time in us. A big "Thank you" to Kreissparkasse Waiblingen, H.P. Kaysser, Brillux, Talbauhaus, Stihl, Harro Höfliger, Murrelektronik,Kärcher, Daimler and Techtronic Industries.

But the biggest "Thank you" goes to all our teachers who made this amazing experience possible. During this week we have made new friendships, got to know different cultures and the international labour market.

Now we are looking forward to meet again in the other countries where we will get other great opportunities and meet new people.